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November, 2013

  1. I am from…….

    November 23, 2013 by aneesht202

    I am from ………..

    I am from scented candles, from apples and peaches.

    I am from the long driveway in the suburbs.

    I am from the blossom tree. The basketball hoop whose long
    gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.

    I am from parades and parties. From mom and dad.

    I’m from California Pizza Kitchen and Schlotzsky’s.

    I’m from the tooth fairy and Santa and Jingle Bells.

    I’m from long roadtrips

    I am from Atlanta, Georgia.

    From taco Thursday and pasta Friday.

    From camel riders and car designers.

    From cousins around America.

    From memories under my bed.

    From pictures everywhere.

    From a happy family.

  2. The Sounds of Water

    November 19, 2013 by aneesht202

    Drip Drop!

    Splash Splish Splosh !

    Ding Ping Plong!

    Water can make many sounds.

    Some quiet.


    All unique in a way

  3. Why Did Texas Almost Fail as A Spanish Colony?

    November 15, 2013 by aneesht202

    The struggle was big. The Spanish were trying to convince many people to join the Catholic missions. They had a hard time doing so. Texas was first seen in 1519 by an explorer named Cabaza de Vaca who claimed the land for Spain. Texas overtime almost failed as a Spanish colony many times for different reasons. A few of the reasons were traveling issues to Mexico, unsuccessful missions, and hostile Native Americans.

    Travel for trade from Texas to Mexico City was a challenge. This is a reason Texas almost failed as a Spanish colony. Travel by water was difficult because there were no ports between Mexico and Texas and the water was very shallow. (Document A) Land travel from the closest mission in San Antonio to Mexico was over 800 miles.

    Another reason Texas almost failed as a Spanish colony was because of hostile Native Americans. The Comanche and Apache tribes both caused the most trouble in Texas around 1776. In Texas there were around 8,000 Comanches and in and around Texas there were about 15,000 Apaches. One example of a crime that was committed by the Apaches was when 500 of them raided ranches in San Antonio and La Bahia. A crime by the Comanches was when they killed several La Bahia Indians and when they stole over 100 horses in San Antonio. (Document D.)

    A big reason Texas almost failed as a Spanish colony was because of unsuccessful missions. The missions were church like buildings that provided shelter and food for those who would become catholic. However, there were strict rules that you needed to follow in order to be part of a mission. The missions were trying to convince many people and Native Americans to become catholic and join the mission. However the missions were very unsuccessful. Since the year 1758 when the missions were first founded not a single Native American converted. (Document C)

    The Spanish struggled keeping Texas under there rule but they did it and ruled Texas for almost 302 years. Although they had a hard time trading with Mexico, running missions, and trouble with Native Americans they still barley succeeded as a Spanish colony.

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