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Why Lacrosse Is Awesome

April 30, 2014 by aneesht202   

Running down the field with the ball, as scary opponents chase you down whacking you with metal sticks. Your heart races. Lacrosse is awesome.
First of all, lacrosse is for people of all sizes. Even if your the smallest kid on the team like me you can still make a difference. The big people are good for defense where you get to check people with your special long pole. Also, midfield and attack is a position people of all sizes can play. Even though being big has its advantages, being small has its advantages too.

Another reason lacrosse is awesome, is because it’s loads of fun. This is one sport where you can whack people with metal sticks and not get in trouble. Also, you can bond with your teammates and make new friends. At practice twice a week you play fun lacrosse games and do awesome lacrosse drills. This is another reason lacrosse is awesome.

Some people think lacrosse is stupid but, it is the fastest growing sport in America. If you ever want to try a new sport I would highly recommend playing lacrosse because IT IS AWESOME!



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