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February, 2014

  1. Why Swimming is Hard

    February 20, 2014 by aneesht202

    “I’m too tired, I can’t go anymore!” Swimming has lots of advantages, but it sure can be hard.

    For starters, some people are afraid of the water and you can’t blame them. The first time I saw a pool, I was pretty scared myself because I thought I would drown. “Don’t push me!” I shrieked with terror. All in all, swimming is just plain hard.

    Second of all, swimming requires lots of endurance because your body gets tired very quickly. For example, Olympic swimmers have to train very-very-very-hard to improve their endurance. I don’t think I can even do half of what they do! Whether it’s fear or endurance, swimming is a very hard sport!

    Swimming is hard in many ways like fear of water or not having enough endurance. As long as you keep trying, hard things can be accomplished. Maybe I should start swimming with a buoy…

  2. Old Spice

    February 14, 2014 by aneesht202

    Old Spice is a company for body wash and deodorant. They are known for their tropical scents. They also have very funny commercials . They sell their product at lots of stores around the world. In my opinion Old Spice is the best!

  3. Lax

    February 10, 2014 by aneesht202

    Swish! Pipe! Bang!

    Goalie saves.

    Attack Scores.

    Lacrosse everyday.

    Lax. Lax. Lax.

    Ripping corners everyday

    Lax. Lax. Lax

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